This shot was nothing special while shooting it. It was just like any other afternoon when I head down to the beach in hope of bringing home the goods. The sky was boring and blue when I looked outside my bedroom window as I prayed for some epic clouds to envelop the sky. Like always it was a gut feeling to head out anyway regardless of how crappy the conditions were. I got down onto the beach and started scoping out some angles and shit, just looking for a decent composition of a beach that I have so overdone. I noticed to the south east that there were some clouds shaping up along the horizon so I automatically went into spastic mode and ran to position myself in the best possible angle with a somewhat strong foreground subject without getting washed out to sea by the waves that were pounding the rocks. Within about 15 minutes the sky got real gloomy and spooky looking, and at this stage I was getting a little wet thinking it could possibly be a worthwhile shoot. Only to my surprise it was the waves that were making me wet, not umm... yeah you know.... Anyway I continued shooting as the clouds rolled closer and closer towards me. That's when I decided to chuck on the Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND and let the clouds do all the work rolling towards me. One thing I love most about the Big Stopper is that it's not a pain in the ass to setup, unlike the bastard Hoya NDX400 filter. That thing gave me the shits but it served me well the whole 5 years I owned it and I still have it somewhere in the bottom of my camera bag under all the other junk. So there I was standing there, rolling cigarettes and chain smoking away as you do when shooting 4 minute exposures, there ain't much else to do but pray the next wave doesn't take out your tripod. I think I took 4 frames before the light passed and then I took the Big Stopper off and took some long exposures without it, those looked like crap though so I decided to call it quits. Funny enough I was sitting back on the beach rolling another cigarette when I heard this strange grunting noise behind me... I dropped my tobacco and jumped up to see what the hell it was.... A little joey kangaroo was eying my camera bag, he obviously wanted to destroy the CF card with his photos on it from the other evening. Those kangaroo bastards scare the shit out of me. After sussing me out for a few minutes he hopped off into the bushes grunting as he bounced off. I decided that freaked me out enough to send me on my way do I finished rolling my smoke, packed the camera bag up and headed for the beach track towards where I parked my car. That's when I noticed grunty the joey and his kangaroo ninja gang standing on the pathway which I had to walk on. That wigged me out so I took the long way back to my car, which took me an extra 15 minutes to walk, but there was no way I was trekking past those little shits. They're nasty, and I say this with knowing that a girl I lived near was attacked by one as she walked home from school. Anyway, there's some dribble for ya'll. Enjoy the piccy!

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