Wasps are parasitic creatures; certainly a pest to humans. They do however play an important role in the ecosystem of an environment.


This is a super macro shot of a wasp that was still completely alive. I used a little probe get him from where he was sitting to a little paper box I made on the spot, and he sat quite still in there while I got my macro setup ready to take the shot. After the first shot however, he started to move, making my job much much harder. After probably ten minutes of poking it back into place, it finally was still long enough for this shot. Not exactly the world's sharpest photograph, indeed I suspect it was probably ever so slightly out of focus, but given the numerous variables that my very inexpensive setup has, I think it came out rather well.

The macro reproduction of my 50mm 1.4 reversed onto my 70-300mm F/4-5.6 @300mm Is right about 6:1. This means I'm thoroughly, completely, and utterly insane. As a final note, if you attempt something like this, use a prime, and if that isn't possible, at least use something with a focus lock. It really was a pain having to hold on to the lens to prevent it from smashing my subject :p

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