Carved through iron rich Navajo Sandstone, Antelope Canyon is one the many slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau sculpted by flash floods during the monsoon season of late summer. Though these slot canyons are carved into many different geological layers of sandstone and limestone, it is the Navajo Sandstone, formed from the petrified sand dunes of a large Jurassic desert similar to the Sahara Desert of today, that often become the richest canvas for the flash floods to carve their masterpieces through.

But, sometimes the rich colors of Antelope Canyon canyon hide - or better, distract from - some of the finer details of the slot canyon. When you remove the colors and capture the canyon's glory in black and white, you are left with three very rich elements of their own… light, shadow, and texture. Most of the light in Antelope Canyon is reflective - often bouncing around the upper walls of the canyon to paint various nooks and crannies below. And, to leave some almost completely in shadow. This play of light and shadow brings out the finer textures of the sandstone, and which textures are highlighted will change as the sun moves through the sky and the angle of light changes.

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