Etibar Jafarov

There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah

intercession, that God will be allowed to do on the day of Judgement the prophets, led by Muhammad, for Muslims all sinners in order that they be spared the torments of hell and went to heaven. This is mentioned in the Qur'anic verse: "In that day will not help [anyone's] intercession, except for those who gave Gracious [is] the law, and whose speeches he would be happy" (20 109). Following the resurrection of God's judgment will begin. Judge Allah be upon him. To do this, the angels will gather (hashr) of all people in one place (mavkif). In the Hadith says that people will stand naked, unshod, and uncircumcised (ie, men will not circumcision, which is desirable in this world. Seeing the hopelessness of their situation, they will ask their prophets to intercede for them before Allah. But each Prophet will send them to the prophet who followed after him in this life, and, finally, they all gather around the last prophet, Muhammad, who said that the defense - it is his job. In addition, the Prophet Muhammad will intercede for the just two more times. In the second time it will apply to God, that the doors of heaven opened up for the righteous, but the third time he will be defender for some Muslims whom Allah has defined a place in hell. With supplication of the Prophet Allah have mercy on these people and they will open the way to paradise .

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