This is an adult Harris's hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus, Buse de Harris,HAHA), formerly known as the Bay-winged Hawk and Dusky Hawk. It is the only member of the genus Parabuteo. The unusual behaviours of these North American birds make them very special among raptors. In contrast to most raptors, which generally are solitary hunters, these hawks are known to hunt cooperatively - in family "packs" numbering as many as six individuals - to take down prey that is much larger than they can handle individually. Alone, they prey on small birds, lizards, mammals, and large insects, but as a cooperative group, they can kill large jackrabbits.
These birds also have unusual reproductive behaviours, where it is relatively common to see a nest attended by one female and two males. It is not known if these birds practice polyandry.
These birds also have "nest helpers" where one or more offspring from a previous brood will help the parents raise the subsequent brood. Since a female can successfully nest three times per year, this can result in a lot of young birds hanging around. Young birds may remain with their parents for as long as three years, helping to raise their younger sisters and brothers.

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