A friend of mine lives on this piece of property called Edge Falls near Kendalia Texas. It's pretty much the most awesome private property I've ever seen. The pool of water in this shot comes from everywhere. There's water pouring over the falls and there's also water pouring out of the walls from inside the grotto. It's pure and it's clean and it's freezing.

Every time I go I force myself to jump from the edge like you see these fellas doing. This picture was made from 7 shots snapped in a row and then photoshopped together so you can see the one guy jumping. It may not look like it's that high, but trust me - when you're standing on that edge it sure seems really far to the bottom.
The first time I jumped it one of the guys there told me to make sure I went straight in and pointed my hands and feet in and to close my eyes tight or my eye lids would peel back. I managed to do that the first 3 or 4 times. About the 5th time I jumped I left my hands open when I slapped the water. Palms flat to the earth.
I had black and blue hands for awhile.

I have no idea why I keep jumping it. I'll be 50 before too long, 3 or 4 years. I guess I'm getting to that stage where I know that at some point I won't, or shouldn't, do things like this and I don't want to give them up. I go to Edge Falls about once, maybe twice a year and camp out on the ground. I cook over an open fire and sleep on the ground looking up at all of God's great wonder in the universe as I fall asleep. And I keep jumping.
Well see . . .

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