Mitchell Krog

Electric Sunflower Sunset | Lightning Landscapes

Living in a farming community I am occasionally gifted with fields of glorious sunflowers. This past growing season one of our local farmers planted several hundred hectares of sunflowers which gave me many photographic opportunities. One image I had in my mind since the day the first seed hit the ground was to capture a lightning storm rolling in over the sunflower fields. This eventually turned out to be a lot more of a challenge than I had ever anticipated.

You see, sunflowers really don't stay in full bloom all that long, at best you have up to 14 days when the fields are in peak full flower and looking breathtaking. As little as 8 days after the first blooms surface the flower heads already start to droop. Over a 3 week period I was out at even the slightest chance of a thunderstorm but we had such a bad rain season that I spent most of these afternoons watching these storms fizzle out in front of my eyes.

When the sunflower heads were starting to droop at a rapid rate I had almost scratched the idea of my Electric Sunflowers Lightning Landscape but that afternoon along came a thunderstorm which had the correct heading to potentially give me what I had been seeking for several weeks. This storm was emitting a lot of strikes but most of them were not visible, seemingly all happening in the eye of the storm. As the storm started to swing North it finally pushed out one strike over the sunflowers which was bright enough to be caught on film for the time of day. The sun was already starting to set which also helped to create a subtle golden glow over the scene.

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