This photo was taken at a farm beside my parents house when I went home a few weeks ago.

The past couple weeks I've been eating a vegan diet. I have more energy and sleep better and have hopefully forced myself into better eating habits. Prior to this "cleanse" I was mostly vegetarian, eating organic, free range/grass fed meat rarely.

People ask me all the time why I am vegetarian and I don't have one simple answer. I'm not against eating meat, I think its good for me every once in awhile. The problem is the ways the animals are treated and all the antibiotics, hormones, and extra filler that is added in. Not to mention the higher risks of E. Coli, diabetes, heart disease, etc etc from a diet that contains too much of it.

Most chicken that you buy at the grocery store (in the US anyway) is from a major company that houses them in completely dark, overcrowded coops in order to produce more eggs. Many chickens are never able to walk because their legs aren't strong enough to support their weight, they are too heavy from all of the antibiotics they are fed. In fact these same chickens only take a couple months to grow to full size due to the steroids they are pumped full of, about half to a quarter of the time it would have taken otherwise in order to make a bigger profit.

Buying from local farms with free range chicken and grass fed beef is a great way to make sure your food is not only coming from a good source but is healthier for you as well.

Food Inc is a great documentary if you are interested in learning more about where the majority of your food comes from. Hope I didn't ruin your dinner!

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