John Day Fossils Beds National Monument ... and the famous Painted Hills. This backwater in the desert of Oregon wins ... it is out of any main road, outside the tourist areas, 200km far from the famous places of Oregon (like Crater Lake, Columbian River Gorge or Newberry Volcanic NM). Coming from the north like us, it's simple, it takes at least half day's drive in the desert where we cross only small villages of 50 souls lost in the dry heaths. And when we realize that the gas gauge is at the end, tighten your buttocks, you do not play too much of the accelerator to make sure you reach the next pump + 50 km away. No way to break down here at 40 ° C, where it spent only two cars by hour! Anyway, a scenery worthy of the best westerns or the most glaucous movies ... this kind of place always reminds me a Stephen King book's where a psychopathic copbenefits breakdowns to help tourists and sequester them in a ghost town ... in the middle of the desert, away from main roads. So no! not break down! ^ ^

But once you have recovered oil in the tank ... the flat and warm desert turns slowly in mountainous desert .... gradually as the lights dim and the heat is more bearable ... after 5 hours of hard road, we come here ... in the middle of nowhere. It seems that farmers have tried to settle in the late nineteenth century with little success: the rare torrential rains turning quickly in debri flow which is ravaging the lower house or culture (if you saw Into the Wild. .. you see what I mean ...).

In short, Eastern Oregon in all its splendor. Landscape shaped by erosion of thick layers of volcanic ash and other ... Breathtaking!

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