Simpai (presbytis melalophos) prefers primary forest lowlands to the mountains up to 2500 m above sea level, and sometimes they can be found in the vicinity of river flow. However due to lack of shrinking forests causing them can be found in the area of the estate. Simpai feed is fruits, flowers, seeds, shoots, leaves some kind of insect. Simpai consume more than 197 different types of plants. Living hoops are in groups consisting of one 5-7 males and females, or some males but still dominated by females and children. The number of individuals in a group can reach 20 tail. The type of movement most hoops using the technique, leaping running around a limb and jumping from one branch to another branch. Sometimes also use thier four legs (quadropedal) to perform daily activities. Cruising Area reached 14 -30 ha, while his daily movements reached 950-1300 m per day. Simpai Is the Primate who did the their activities start from morning to afternoon (diurnal), so that their voices can be heard starting from 5.00-9.00. His voice sounds like ka ...ka ...ka ...ka ...ka ... generally issued by the male while doing a leap-leap on a limb. In addition to shows, the voice of the region territory also serves as a sign of danger, and if being met with other groups. Although information about the population of this animal in the wild is unknown, but habitat destruction continues to threaten the survival of the population in the area sebarannya hoops. Its Habitat has been lost more than 71%, of which was originally covering an area of 174.340 km2 became 50.960 km2

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