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I'm a professional photographer specializing in Weddings, Portraiture and Lifestyle work. My base of coverage is the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario but I do travel frequently for destination assignments. I also offer digital retouching services as part of my business practice. Please drop me a note if you would like more information on pricing for location and studio based projects. JRM 647-267-4499

Toronto Strobist Group Meetup

Published February 13th, 2012

BTS Video Here:

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That old...faded B&W Look

Published February 7th, 2012

Seems to be in style least for fashion editorials...

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The Beauty Shoot

Published January 20th, 2012

My photo goal for the first quarter of this year is to do a set of video tutorials (maybe more like a "how I do it") for a typical beauty shoot.

Part 1 - Casting and Team Assembly

Part 2 - Concept and Lighting

Part 3 - Workflow and Post Processing

Part 4 - Finished work output for Web/Printing

I'm going to do the entire project using Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Adobe Lightroom

- Tethered/Import of captures

- Sorting, naming and global adjustments

Adobe Photoshop

- Retouching of selected images

- Proofing for Print

Stay tuned. The first video will be online by February 30th, 2012.

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Beauty Retouch

Published December 30th, 2011

A clean beauty shot retouched.


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3 Things That Make My Shoots Successful

Published December 29th, 2011

1) MOST IMPORTANT, aside from the camera: Music. Nothing gets things flowing better.

2) Positive Attitude

3) Energy

You can always buy better lights, a more expensive camera and a good retoucher. None of them beats those 3, for me. Music is number 1...I can always get my hands on a camera but good music is worth it's weight in gold. I keep about 10GB worth in my iTunes catalogue.

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