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Sucker Punched!

Published October 13th, 2011

.....Right in the mommy-maker.

I got an email out of the blue from someone who hates image retouching (I'm guessing). She complained about the state of advertising where women are retouched to unrealistic levels...skin too smooth, no fat, no stretch marks, big knockers etc...the list was pretty long. She definitely let me have it with both barrels. Apparently she came across some of my work and questioned if I really thought anything but a blow up doll looked so perfect.

For the record, I like women of all shape and sizes and I admit to my share of retouching. 50% of my business comes in the form of retouching projects that I happily take because I enjoy it. Guys like me simply give clients what they ask for. If they want clear, healthy skin and great hair but the model looks like hell there are just two choices.

1) Throw out the shots and shoot a model with great hair and skin.


2) Photoshop to the rescue.

Obviously they contact me because option #1 is off the table.

On an interesting note, JACOB has announced (the first to do so) that they will no longerfeature ads where models are digitally sculpted: http://www.fashionmagazine.com/blogs/fashion/2010/09/01/canadian-retailer-jacob-institutes-a-no-retouching-policy-for-their-images/

Bravo for them. If anyone really thinks that extensive retouching isn't still going to take place then I have swamp land for sale. Call me. In the meanwhile I'm going to keep my Wacom humming along until the world thinks everyone is perfect the way they are.



MODEL: Alena Lyubavina
MUA: Amanda Tacus

  • October 13th, 2011
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • 100mm / f/6.3 / 1/125 sec

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