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Anatomy of a Beauty Retouch

Published December 28th, 2011

Photoshop is like a big box of tools. Any number of features can get you where your headed but they won't work in every situation. The real trick to Photoshop is learning which tools do what and how.

When I shoot for myself I can control things like camera settings, composition of the subject, lighting etc. Especially the subject. I pick models with the right combination of features that I'm looking for: Great Skin, Even Tone, Striking Bone Structure. I have custom made action/filters to speed up my workflow when the variables are to my liking.

I don't get that luxury when I retouch for clients. I pretty much have to work with what I'm given. That's where understanding the PS tools, etc comes in handy. Then I can build the retouch workflow based on what works for the image and the expected outcome.

Attached is the stack for this retouch as asked for by a viewer.



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il·lu·mi·nates M  over 6 years ago

Yes I'll be doing a "Part I thru Part 4" from casting the model, MUA/Stylist, concept, Setup & Shoot, and Workflow to Retouching.

Winston Smith  over 6 years ago

Jr: I hope when you do the tutorial you split in into workflow segments across multiple clips ala Glyn Dewis. This makes it convenient to follow and rewatch a specific segment (eg eyes). Also, there are a lot of so-called "turorials" on Youtube/Vimeo with no voice over which go at lightspeed accompanied by crappy music which i find useless. Just making a suggestion here ;-). Look forward to your production. Cheers!