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Chris Sargent

Chris Sargent



Chris Sargent is an award winning amateur Photographer based in London,UK Winner of Digital Photographer of the year 2007 in Digital Photographer Magazine Winner of Digital Photographer of the year 2011 in Digital SLR Photography Magazine. Chris currently uses a Fuji XT-2 taking the majority of his photographs whilst on vacations.


Published June 2nd, 2012

I was recently in Cornwall on vacation and took an opportunity to grab a shot of the iconic St. Michael's Mount at sunset.

I remembered to bring a tripod and my set of Lee Filters.

It was still quite bright at this point and I opted to use a 3 stop (0.9) Lee ND filter and a Graduated filter to keep balance between foreground and sky.

There was not a lot of evening color in the sky and the sun disappeared behind cloud 30 minutes before sunset and this effectively ruined the chances of any late drama in the sky.

I have a 77mm screw on polariser that I have sometimes used in these situations, attaching it to the lens and then fixing the Lee holder onto that with a 77mm ring. The problem with this is firstly a risk of vignetting at 24mm (77mm 24-70mm Nikon f2.8 lens used) but secondly the high chance that the lee ring and polariser will become tightly coupled together. It is often very tricky un-screwing the filter from the ring (due to the nature of the Polariser ring rotating!)

I di ...

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D800 100% crops

Published April 28th, 2012

I thought I'd post a quick example of the rendering power of the Nikon D800.

I took a quick snap this morning and have shown below the original image (scaled to 1000px)

and a 100% crop from the same shot.

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Taking a chance

Published April 21st, 2012

I was fortunate to vacation near Yosemite National Park in May 2011. I set the alarm early and crawled out of bed in the dark in the hope of a clear morning.

In the parking lot the rain drizzled and the sky looked an un-promising grey and I had the thought that I'm sure a lot of Landscape photographers have from time to time... Back to bed!

I was close to giving up on the morning but the truth is that it is not everyday that I am standing outside of Yosemite National Park in Spring (Living in London, England as I do!) with a bag full of Nikon kit.

I took a chance and headed into the park...

I was was still very doubtful of a 'good' morning however, after 20 minutes of driving up into Yosemite the rain turned to Snow and wet roads and meadows turned into photogenic pristine white. Minutes later and the snow had stopped and as the sun came up cloud cleared to reveal a beautiful misty morning. I was one of a very few photographers in the park at this time and the scene was truly spec ...

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Published July 2nd, 2011

NIK software have released a great App for the iPad 'Snapseed' it lets you manipulate your photos in a large number of creative ways and the results can be stunning.

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Published June 7th, 2011

500px is like Flickr on steroids... so much top quality and inspirational photography...

I look forward to getting to know some of you over the coming months... I hope that you enjoy the photos that I share


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