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19/07/2011-system failure

Published July 19th, 2011

Yesterday my laptop decided to give up. I thought that i moved everything needed including all my photos and lightroom info to the D drive before i factory restored the laptop.

Seems i was wrong,all my photos that have been edited and my Raw files were all there but my lightroom catalogue was corrupted.

Meaning all the info from my edited photos was lost,this is abit annoying as if i wanted to just tweek any off them this isnt possible now and im not sure i could re-edit them the same again even if i tryed :(.

Well you live and learn,my light room catalogue will be getting backed up straight to my D drive from now on.

By christmas i hope to have a new computer just for editing/working on and some extra storage to store all my Raw files,as my D drive is prity much full already aswell as my 1 external drive....running out of space..............ahhhhhhhhhh.

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