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Claus and Anna Possberg, a German photo and film team, have travelled extensively to haunt the special places of the world. Together, husband and wife, they have travelled to every single continent. 

On their motorbikes they have traversed China's Wild West, climbed over Tibet's 5000m high passes, filmed down inside Indonesia's volcanoes and crossed the sandy deserts of Africa, to name a few. 

Most recently they witnessed the incredible show of the polar landscapes, like penguins, seals and the Aurora Borealis up in the Arctic. The result is an impressive collection of spectacular pictures and film material. Claus Possberg pursued his passion for travelling and premium photography for over 25 years. His work was published in a picture book and several magazines. His website belongs to the most popular travel and photography sites in Germany. Anna Possberg took up the challenge of filming people and wildlife in their environment eight years ago. Her debut documentary about the Antarctic wildlife is currently in production for broadcast and cinema. Their way of travelling individually in a very small team allows them the necessary flexibility for their newly discovered passion for time lapses. No day is too long and no winter night too cold to capture the magical moments of nature by the special technique of time lapses.
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