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Martin Distagon

Martin Distagon



Love to shoot gigs , landscape and sometimes in between.

Monocle Magazine

Published May 23rd, 2012

No longer i pop by Kinokuniya to get my monthly fix.

I am subscribing it now.

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Why 500px ?

Published January 24th, 2012

Like many, Flickr was an awesome place for like-minded folks to upload photos and eventually serve as an archival site. I can search for topics thru photos tag et al and thru critical mass, i will probably find real life photos of things i am looking for.

Got introduced to 500px when folks told me how cool the photos on the site are. How the editors are really critical in their recommendation. And that I suppose to upload only my best photos.

500px unique proposition to me is a portfolio site that serve to showcase some of the better shots. Also, I do not believe in uploading only my best photos now, I upload those that I care about.

So, I will continue to use 500px and Flickr concurrently with distinct purposes.

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