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Numan Qardash

Numan Qardash

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a few words about me i'm Numan Qardash, from Afghanistan and Canada; currently, i live in Kabul with my family; although photography is not my main occupation, it definitely is the most favorite activity for me; i have traveled to some places in north America, Europe and Asia, and would love to carry it on; there is no specific style in my works, i like trying and mastering various types of photography; all of my works are copyrighted and can be purchased either directly by myself or via 500px, Getty Images and iStockphoto; and you are welcome to stay here as much as you want :) lastly, i am very much open for casual meetings and exchanging photography ideas with anyone if we are in a close proximity; just send me a message; stay safe NQ

Pollution and lack of infrastructure in Kabul

Published January 31st, 2013

While the initial geographic capacity of Kabul city allows to fit half a million people, the current population of the city, which is a consequence of long wartime migration, constitutes about five million. According to the findings of the New York Times, only 5 percent of the houses in Kabul are connected to central sewage system, "while most household waste flows straight into open roadside drains". As a result of hot summer, these waste flows dry and mix with already existing heavy dust, and make Kabul one of the most environmentally polluted cities in the world. Since the city is surrounded with mountains, this photo shows how people have built their houses on these mountains without taking into consideration any sort of infrastructural plans. With almost no sewage system, the waste of upstream houses flows through downstream houses. The lower the house is located, the more waste goes through it. On the other hand, the upper the house is built, the more difficult it is to elevate w ...

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