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Raffi Basmajian

Raffi Basmajian



If you're interested in purchasing a fine art print or digital download for wallpaper, please use the Contact page and email me directly. After visiting the Colorado Rockies for a hiking trip in the summer 2008, I got hooked on the beautiful landscape of America. The snow-capped mountains, the lakes, the roads to nowhere, are all too captivating to leave behind as just a fading memory. Every year I venture out to a new area of America to relive the first moment I saw the American Rockies. I got started in photography, at least seriously, in 2010, when I got my first DSRL, a Canon 5D Mark2. I get an adrenalin rush every time I click the shutter button and wait for that preview image, and I've been chasing that thrill ever since. raffi at raffianphoto.com
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