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Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma



Hi im Rahul ,there are 2 things that drive me..Music and photography , while studying 3d animation and film cinematics in christchurch, newzealand what instantly captured my mind were the beautiful graffiti laden walls and the beautiful scenic surroundings which was like walkin in a dream sequence and just a walk down that path would really make my day, i thought to myself why not capture all this so i got myself a camera (olympus) and started clicking all over the place , what i found out was the most satisfying thing in the world for me at that point was to capture people , pictures and walls , the biggest joy of everyday came just looking at the world through my viewfinder and clickin away , i decided then that photography is the career ill take , i read countless books , hired hundreds of dvds , downloaded and examined millions of images and studied this art like i was posessed,it in turn helped my 3d studies too as my imagination was getting better by the day ,once i finished studies i came back home to Mumbai , India and started free lancing photography and the odd 3d assignment(a mans gota eat :) ) found that the more i click the better i get.Being a intense critic of my work i started to set targets for myself like i have to have 5 beautiful images out of 100 clicks to start with and then gradually increase my skill , lighting techniques and composition of images , i feel at this point i am still very hungry to get better and reach a level that would have made the great "Henry cartier bresson" proud, i intend to professionally pursue fashion and event photography and hope to make enough money to purchase new equipment and get to the top bracket of my art , only then can i truly say i spend a lot of time on my passion and truly made it mine
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