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the smoke machine

Published March 4th, 2012

does anyone know how to grill eggplants and then turn them into a mediterranean salad anymore? ;]]

one needs dry wood for that sort of endeavor, which i didn't, so instead i got a very shy smoke machine.

it was a mostly cloudy day, but every now and then the sun would come thru; it is a magic moment when the full light hits you, and part of it it's because of the randomness and shortness.. anyways, w/ the wood not burning for my dinner i had to switch plans and i can't say i felt very sorry: no eggplant salad but at least a few interesting photos.

the powerful light contrast is due to thin light-beams coming thru the dense foliage of a tree, working just like a theater spotlight for my scenery.. i ended up carrying my bbq/smoker all over the backyard because for this 'play', the stage had to follow the light. let's call it 'hunger follows the play' ;];]

**smoke is a collection of solid, liquid and gas particles. they're all in there and yet it's 'nothing'..

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