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Congoxa que ye amor

Published October 10th, 2013

Fragments of a book of poems written by Manuel Asur in 1982 that I enjoyed a lot when I was young, and I still apreciate.

Poems of love to his land and also about his sad situation by that time. In my oppinion, now things are not better here.

And of course, some of my pictures

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Published August 22nd, 2013

Amb el pastor venia

el llarg ramat del vent.

Vent adormit pastura

per herbes altes.

Li abrigarà la son

or tardoral dels arbres

El vent i jo bevíem

a poc a poc de l´aigua.

Una mateixa set

ens agermana.

El vent i jo, el vent i jo.

Vora del riu seguíem

tot l´esguard del pastor.

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Local Patch

Published July 20th, 2013

Images I use to view every morning, and songs I use to live with

"but you dont really care for music, do you?"

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L´Esllendor de les Dunes

Published July 6th, 2013

"Pa los neños del home fexo el que llinda eternamente

un teyáu de cielu el bon pastor

y entós él, ser toopoderosu

axeitó pa la humanidá y como llar

la tierra media, el mundu"

"He aerest sceop eordan bearnum

heofon to hrofe, halig Scyppend.

Tha middangeard monncynnes Weard,

ece Drihten, aefter teode

firum foldan, Frea aelmihtig."


(torna de Xuan Santori)

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