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The one that got away. Or not. Caught, but only on film. Come celebrate the artistry of fish and fishing, as seen through signs, sculptures, mobiles and decorations.

Night Fishing

A fishing vessel off the coast of Alaska.


A sign on a wall along Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I Spotted This One

A decorative fish hung on a wall somewhere in Alaska.

Ketchikan Fish Boost

Part of the "Welcome To Ketchikan" illuminated neon street sign for tourists.

Ketchikan Fisherman Boost

Part of the illuminated "Welcome To Ketchikan" sign in Alaska

Red Snappers

Carved wooden fish in a display in a museum in Juneau, Alaska

Blackened Salmon

A metal cutout on the back of a bench along Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Fish On Dumpster

These beauties are painted on the side of a metal dumpster. I found them in an alley in Vancouver, BC.

Flying Fish 1

A display of metallic fish suspended from the ceiling of a museum in Ketchikan, Alaska. They appear to be flying in the air or at least trying to simulate swimming.


A metallic fish on display in an exhibit in Alaska.

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