Franzo Raniero Cappitta

I was born in Italy in Avola near Syracuse in 1954 . Since 1960 I live and work in Verona . I studied at the middle school Napoleone Nani Verona and then, when the school closed , I moved to the middle school Paolo Caliari ( to attend the third and final year ) . I attended the Art School of Verona. Gone are the expected four years I wanted to confront with the fifth preparatory year (Optional) because since then my interest was in the direction of Informatics . The fifth preparatory year I did not like , and then , with an additional year of delay , I enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice.

I attended for 5 years at the University in Venice and I am convinced that the time had come to start working , even if you already did it help my mother in her business as a seamstress . I first started working at an architecture studio , then in an advertising agency . I set up my first business in 1980 in partnership with one of the independent members of the agency with whom I had worked for over a year. Things did not work out very well from the point of view of personal relationships with partner and in 1982 I opened my own studio which I have called QUARK Studio in honor of a television program hosted by Piero Angela, who spoke of Computer Science. In December of 1982 I bought my first personal computer , an Apple IIe on which I put into practice the concepts that I learned Pascal University .

In 1983 I decided to finish the university and I focused in the study. I set aside the money I would have served to survive for 6 months that I would serve to finish her studies and I are dedicated solely to them. In February of 1984 I graduated in Architecture and in November of the same year I passed the state examination and have obtained the qualification to the profession . I registered in the Architects of Verona and I continued to work on graphics started with Studio QUARK integrating it with the new profession of architect .

In 1988 I was proposed to open an Apple Centre and took the enthusiasm , I agreed. Since then I take care of Applied Computer Science , in particular in the field of graphic design and computer aided design . I have never failed to take courses to deepen my knowledge in the field of two and three dimensional graphics . I became a consultant and single point of contact for many companies operating in the field of Printed by the city in which I live and work . Today I feel the need to confront again the creativity put into practice all the knowledge acquired through years of teaching and business computing .

The curiosity that distinguishes me leads me to always look for new software to be evaluated and used in the performance of my new job. I love designing everyday objects . I like to meet with new design and construction techniques . I love the Car Design and 3D design .

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