Raphael Brügger

Nice to meet you, I’m Raphael Brügger. I’d really like to shake hands with you

but unfortunately Web 2.0 hasn’t come that far yet…

1999 the decision was made, the contracts signed and my youth officially came
to an end (well, not really but at least it was time to get into the world of work).
I began an apprenticeship as a graphic designer at the well-known Bernese
graphic designer and artist Hannes Thommen (FUNTOM Thommen Design, later
Adesso Communications AG). Andreas Thommen (now Formeldrei) and Roland Graber
(now Wellcom) were responsible for my development and in the summer 2004
I completed the apprenticeship successfully with the certificate at the
SFGB-B in Berne.

During my apprenticeship I worked for the Bernese music studio B·NOTE Entertainment
as a graphic designer, copy-writer and supporter of the Apple-Armada. This cooperation
led to the foundation of the graphic and event agency ART@WORK·MEDIA with Domenico Maiello.

From 2004 to 2008 we realized various event concepts from A to Z.
We were an invincible team. Whether club programms,
company events or consulting, there was almost nothing that could have stopped us,

but… Less is more, as we know. That’s why in January of 2008 I decided to concentrate
on the basics and that at an age of 25. The basic thing was graphic. Indeed a
subtle decision, as it was soon underlined, because my re-gained spare time allowed
to broaden my horizon in many ways and it allowed me to grow.

Today I offer my service under the label of «RAPHINIERT». Label because I could
transform my hobbies into my job and the other way round.

Raphael Brügger | 05.2012 | © RAPHINIERT · ADVERTISING & MORE

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