Rares Dutu

I use and only trust Nikon as well as Nikkor glass to obtain the shots I love most. With thousands of lenses ranging from 12mm all the way to 600mm, why use any other cheap glass? However, that is not to say that third party lenses don't do the job! I use my Tokina 12-24 f/4 100% of the time for landscape photographs!

While I do believe that it’s a person, not the camera which leads to extraordinary shots, I do believe the best camera is the one that has the final “edge” I desire.

Look, when it comes down to it, I don’t have a preference. I shoot Nikon primarily, but have shot Canon as well. Both Japanese companies, both exceptional image quality. In fact, I know more Canon shooters than Nikon shooters, and have used low-end cameras such as the Xsi, T1i, and 30D with L lenses, and the images were spectacular.

Why do I shoot Nikon then? Not only for the better looks and reliability, but for the mere fact that Nikon knows exactly where to place buttons. If I need to figure out how to set a menu for three minutes, how to guess where exposure compensation is, I give up. However, that is not to say that If I was stuck with a Canon, I wouldn’t shoot it.

By far, Canon’s movie mode is far superior to that of Nikon’s, hands down.

What do I shoot? Simply put, I like to shoot people and landscapes. It’s the feeling of being able to share what I see and placing it into my images for those who view them to read them. While still life is another important part of my shooting, it doesn’t come close to the satisfaction I get from placing my subject where I want and how I see fit to get the image I need.

“Nothing makes me more happier than photography; I get to see more beautiful sights in one day than some people see in their entire lifetime.”

“Photography isn’t a profession, It’s a hobby. Don’t go around thinking photography is the miracle to all your financial needs.”

If there’s one thing you should know about me, It’s that I live for Black & White shots - as well as Infrared.

One dream? Travel the world and photography in each location. I've been very blessed to travel to places that people have never been to. I've traveled to various places in the United States of America that absolutely took my breath away.

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