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Raul Pires Coelho

Raul Pires Coelho



Professional amateur old machines analogue photographer... Making a living as Teacher and Architect... Here I show only scanned negatives, made with small, medium and large format cameras!
  • Hasselblad 501CM
  • Kodak 2-D
  • Mamiya RB67 pro S
  • Lomo LC-a
  • Mamyia ZM quartz
  • Rollei 6006
  • Cambo 8x10
  • Rolleiflex 2.8F
  • Pentacon Six
  • Crown Graphic
  • Balda Hapo 66-E
  • Fujifilm GX680II
  • Ebony 45S view camera
  • Pentax 67
  • Rolleiflex 3.5
  • Fujifilm GA645zi
  • Moskva 5
  • Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm
  • Pentax smc 45mm
  • Nikkor T* ED 600mm
  • Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Distagon 50mm
  • Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm

Sunday morning walk...

Published October 1st, 2012 the other side of the river!

Trafaria, some fishermen, lost boats... abandoned?

I liked their silent stories oposing the big city up in front with the bridge... their proud names!

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Harley-Davidson by Hasselblad

Published June 17th, 2012

On a walk downtown Lisbon, there they were, majestic, proudly standing, resting... watching the city!

I could only look and feel... trying to capture the light upon them... it was a moment a worship and respect... giving and taking!

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Friday photo walk...

Published June 3rd, 2012 try some new film I have never used before: Ilford XP2 and Delta 3200!

I went to downtown Lisbon first and then to a Botanic Garden there about. For the Rossio pictures I exposed according to the sunny 16 rule, taking a 1 stop for the polarizer filter I was using.

The garden pictures, with I used a lightmeter to read the low light in some places, taking 2 stops for the green filter to enhance the contrast.

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