Raúl Pérez

Raul is a self-taught person. At a very early age, he started to show interest in arts painting and drawing, messing up the walls of his parents' house. Besides messing up with paintings and pencils and that stuff, he started to love nature, animals and freedom thanks to his grandfather, a good man and a poor photographer, who carried him across the most beautiful places he ever could imagine. That kind of magic of creating pictures with a machine woke up his curiosity even more, and it raised inside himself an attraction to technology, so besides drawing he started to play with all kind of electronic devices.

At the age of six years old (or maybe seven), his grandfather led him to a private school to learn programming. It was very fun stuff programming in the old BASIC language with 8086 computers, and in the same year his mother bought him a 8bit MSX. He became a fan of computers, spending like five or six hours daily in front of that piece of junk.

At school, he was the worst student ever, showing again his capacity to distract himself in front of a paper with a pencil on his hands. Drawing and programming became his two first priorities on his life. But thanks to the influence of one of his teachers (the one who taught artistic drawing at school) he noticed that his real passion was drawing, and for that reason for a long time his real goal was to become a painter or a fine artist. But, before he started his Fine Arts studies, he lost one of his bests friends, a beautiful girl who inspired him in his draws and paints for like five years and he kept his pencils and brushes in a drawer. That drama changed the course of his life and he finally studied something related to computers but he didn't finish his studies because he had to start to work so young.

Tired of the routine of every single boring day, he recalled the travels around the mountains and lakes and beautiful places his grandfather showed to him, the long talks with his grandfather about photography, photographers and so. And the idea of buying a digital camera started to grow inside himself, and finally in 2009 he bought a DSLR camera.

Nowadays he continues learning and enjoying photography like his grandfather taught to him. As a way to evade from the world.

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