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Ravindra Babu

Ravindra Babu



Self-taught budding Photography Enthusiast, love to freeze the time and counted on Photography, it made me mad and I am madly in love with it. If you like my work drive through my page. Don't forget to add me on Facebook or Like my photography page on Facebook.

SFO Tales

Published July 20th, 2014

SFO Tales

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"Circle of Life" - One man's Artistic Obsession...

Published July 6th, 2014

"Circle of life" It start from the day you opened your eyes in a cradle and ends when you close your eyes in a Coffin. "Circle of life" just happens with in a blink of our eyelids. One man's obsession is to document the cycle of life in the form of Sculptures.

Gustav Vigeland (1869 – 1943) dedicated forty years of his life to creating this vast park in the center of Oslo. Not only did he create the statues, he also designed the layout of the park.

The present day it's called Frognerpark, it is open to the public free of charge, and one can easily spend hours roaming around the statues. The Circle of life has all those moments of life and the experiences where you can see all the stages of life of both a man and women talking, watching, speaking etc.

There are almost 212 sculptors in this park which are made by bronze and marble.

Each sculptor unfolds their own stories.

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The Street Chess Play- Amsterdam

Published July 6th, 2012

Amsterdam is a city of Arts. I was wandering alone on the street of Amsterdam on a weekend, the weekends at the centrum are always busy with Street performance, saw many great solo musical performances. The artists are busy on the street drawing pictures on their caravans.

I have got time to witness a nice street play. The theme for this Street play is Chess, the games of Kings and Pawn The play is supported by a stunning background music. I have got the opportunity to view the king and queen coming to life with their two rooks, knights bishops and pawns.

Tried to capture the same from my lenses.

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