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Ray Wise

Ray Wise



I have an eye for anything cool to shoot. I like experimenting with photoshop and images alike. I'm not afraid to say what process i use to get the end result and belive that photography is an form of expression as well as art. I prefer taking landscape shots either day or night time - colour or black and white. With portraits I prefer to select colour or BW to make the subject stand out more or emphasize a point I'm trying to make... hope you like.

Website Update

Published June 18th, 2011

Updated my site today ( ) with two new links, Media and Features. Media has a few examples of my work that has been used in print or on the world wide web. It's not always easy to get these examples as statements from Getty Images can be a bit sketchy to say the least.

Features has a couple of places listed that I have been interviewed.. most recently Expose Magazine did a small article on my work - images of which you can see here..

This is what I wrote in the magazine:

Photography for me is an art form not unlike painting.. the photographer see’s an image as his canvas and so proceeds to lay out his emotions upon it,. I’ve been trying to get exactly what I want from an image for years now and with the digital revolution, I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. That is to say, I’m still learning.

My favourite subjects are Landscapes, Architecture and City Night Scenes.. or combinations of all. For me, composition is everything, processing is a second t ...

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