Razzauti Fate Vobis

Fate Vobis is Fabrizio Razzauti. He was born in 1977 and he lives in Leghorn (Tuscany). Passionate about photography, but not a photographer, he is an anarchist and hermetic guy, in a word a hermit. He express them through his shots.

From WIKIPEDIA. Fate Vobis is an expression that joke at a mock ungrammatical Latin (Latin Vobis is a pronoun in the dative: “to you”, while you make is the Italian word which in Latin correspond facite), invites you to rely only on his own, to adjust to your liking.
It is unknown origin, but it is still an expression came into use as early as the nineteenth century. We find, among other things, in the novel “Small ancient world” of Fogazzaro of 1895.

From MYSELF. They were years that I puzzled about how to sign my reproductions online and qualify as, well … I think of would-photographers, graphic designers and illustrators around there are already enough, so I opted for a democratic and ironic: Fabrizio Razzauti Fate Vobis!

Call myself a photographer, graphic, post-producer would have been too arrogant, too serious, there are very good with studies and professional experience behind them who do it by trade, but I do it all for passion, because you have a good reflex, a good target and “tweak” a little ‘with Photoshop, does not mean becoming a professional image. So You Like It …

I started taking pictures and working on graphics programs since the age of 14 years, graphic design and photography have always been my passions, after photography of landscapes, still-life and sports, lately, thanks to a photography course at the scene theater, I am dedicated to and passionate portrait, until you get to create my own small studio posing.
The door of my little studio, the beautiful settings of Tuscany and the eye of my Fotocam are always open to all.
I love the post-production and are also available to collaborations in this field.

I’ll be waiting,
my last project: www.modigliani.photos
my website: www.frazzart.it

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