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Regie B

I tend to be one of those rare oddballs that look at the world through a childlike state of mind. I'm in fact very childish for my age and am quite often mistaken for someone much... much younger than what I really am and to make matters worse I don't usually remember how old I am. This is usually how I look at the world when it comes to my art. Many of the pictures that I present here will probably give one a sense of, "What is that suppose to be?" and will usually move on to much more interesting forms of art. I find panoramic modes on two-bit point-n-shoots fascinating and entertaining and I love the way the clouds shine in particular lighting. When I shoot a face I love the curves of a chin and the brightness of the eyes. I love the slight curve of the bicep as it comes into the elbow. These strange little features in people that I find interesting that most people don't usually even notice. I don't like shooting the whole shape of an object; I'd much rather close in on a particular detail and shows through many of my photographs of people when the tops of heads chopped off purposely and shots of a person's torso with an arm chopped off here or there. I find certain details fascinating and brilliant that I try and focus on those things trying to tell it's particular story which many would often miss. This is how I view the world and how I tell my story of it from my point of view. Hope you enjoy it...

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