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Attila Kegyes

First of all, I'm not a guy who run and visit everyones pictures and praise them if they good or not, just for getting back the same from them. If you like my pictures, like them because they are nice, not because you just return my praise to yours.
I do not wanna be a participant of any PRAISE EXCHANGE MARKET!

I do photography for about 12-13 years already. I started with a small secondhand Pentax Super-A manual camera with a 28-80 zoom and a 70-210 zoom manual lenses. This was my learning gear since I had no any clue about photography. I started with randomly bought color negatives, but shortly after that, I learned the slide which is really teach us to photograph since the slide can not be manipulated, and on a projector screen you see what you were capable as a real PHOTOGRPHER! So just after a 5-6 roll of negative, I bought a roll of slide just try it out. But then I never loaded negatives into my camera! Since that roll of slide I photographing only on slides!
After my Pentax Super-A in 2000 I bougth a Pentax Z1p camera which already a semi-pro AF camera, with a Sigma 170-500mm consumer level telephoto zoom lens. I still use this camera I love it it is a very nice camera. After I came to the States, I bought a 28-70 and a 70-200mm f/2,8 EX lenses to my Pentax system. But since my main interest in wildlife photography, the mostly used lens was the 170-500mm zoom.
In 2005 I was able to buy my dream camera gear, a Nikon F6 35mm pro film camera, and a Sigma 120-300 f/2,8 zoom and a Sigma 300-800 f/5,6 super telephoto lens. Since I got my Nikon, it is became my main wildlife photography gear, and I use my Pentax system mostly for landscape and close up photography.
Since I shoot only on slides, non of my pictures are cropped or manipulated in any way. Photography is not to makeing photolike pictures, but capturing photographs.
A talented and skilled photographer capable to take a photo which not need any manipulation.
A photographer take the picture not make it. Only unskilled, clueless shooters believe, that post processing is important, cause they cannot take good photos.
If you think you need a post processing because the RAW file is not good enough, it is not your camera it is YOU!
If you have the skill, the talent, you capable to set your camera as it need, so the RAW picture is just as beautifull, need no manipulation.
If you believe your camera's light meter is not "accurate" you are wrong ,and you just do not have the skill about light metering.

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