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Reuben Teo

Reuben Teo



Part Time Traveler. Long Time Photography Addict
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Karen Long Neck Village

Published May 16th, 2012

My trip to Chiang Mai wasn't complete without a visit to some indigenous tribes famous for in this part of Northern Thailand. On the way up to the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, the tour guide suggested we visit the Padaung (Karen), or famously known as the Long Neck tribe. We were required to pay a 400 baht fee to see them as if they were zoo exhibits. We could have our photos taken with them. Upon entering the village, I felt a deep sadness for them. I could tell that they are already used to the cameras snapping away as they sit in their stalls smiling at us.

This tribe was originally from the neighbouring country of Myanmar (Burma), but a number of them fled the country into Thailand to escape the communists regime. Now, they too are exploited by the Thai and from the way I see it, no improvements were made for these poor people. They sold scarves weaved by themselves and some tourist sourveniors for a living and their situation doesn't seem very appropriate to me. I hope the Tha ...

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