Thomson Jazz at the MBS - light show included

Published November 26th, 2011

Thomson Swing Band is the second of the three big bands at the Thomson Jazz Club. The members of the band are a varied bunch, being of all ages and coming from different parts of the world. What brings them together is their love for playing jazz. Their obvious delight in performing has won them a reputation for being a very entertaining band.

This joy in playing jazz has resulted in their being asked to play at many venues in Singapore - from the Botanical Gardens to the Ritz. Harry's Pub on Boat Quay regularly swings to the music of Thomson Swing and in 2001, they were particularly honoured to be part of the first Singapore Jazz Festival and now they are playing every Sat at the MBS

Here are Thomson Swing Band's musicians:

Saxophones: Jeffery Loek & Jerry Murad (Joint Lead Alto),
Cole Yee (Band Ldr and Tenor), Daniel Chia (Tenor),
Jerry Hutapea (Vocals and Baritone)

Trumpets: Frankin Brampy (Lead), Lit Woon Wah Desmond,
Othman B Mohd Noor, George Schlub

Trombones: Jacqueline Chia, Sitoh Mun Kiat,
James Tan, Timothy Elsworth (Bass Tbn)

Rhythm: Aaron B Ahmad (Guitar), Amir Syahir (Bass),
Stephan Yan (Piano), Eugene Seow (Drums

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