A Black and White Guy

Published November 22nd, 2013

I'm self-taught, meaning I learned more from my mistakes than the my few early successes. I stared with a modestly priced Minolta Twin Lens Reflex camera that used 120 film and loaded a dozen 2¼ by 2¼ exposures per roll.

I bought photography magazines and read them from cover to cover, including all of the ads, and I do mean ALL of the ads. I didn't know a Leica from a Linhoff, so everything was new and confusing and oh-so frustrating. In an attempt to overcome this, I read all of the magazines a second time. And a third. My picture-taking didn't get a whole lot better.

Nonetheless, I stuck with it and gradually became quite expert at the talk. I could talk about hyperfocal distance, orthochromatic film, negative sandwiches, projecting color slides onto skin tones, solarizing negatives and prints, photograms, infrared lens adjustments -- just all sorts of stuff. My picture-taking didn't get a whole lot better.

I got a nice shot every now and then. They were all surprises to me. In f ...

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