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Rian Flynn

It’s hard to say if Rian Flynn imitates life or if life imitates Rian Flynn. Have you heard of Rembrandt? Have you heard of Galileo? Einstein? Mozart? Jesus Christ? Rian Flynn IS photography!

The story of Rian Flynn begins with a womb; he was the offspring of an arranged marriage between a Black Irish warlord and a French fisherman’s daughter, the subject of legend in the mountainous region of California. In Gaelic, “Rian Flynn” means “he who harnesses the power of the heavens.” Thus, Rian Flynn’s destiny as a photographer was foretold by his very name, which he chose for himself.

Rian Flynn’s life’s journey began in the inauspicious region of the Caucuses mountains, where Rian Flynn tended goats on a small homestead. At the tender age of three and a half, Rian Flynn first demonstrated signs of his photographic brilliance by single handedly capturing on Polaroid film a rendezvous between a coyote and a chicken. At seven years old, Rian Flynn was given an honorary degree from Benoît Mandelbrot High School after publishing the third volume of his best-selling children’s book series, “Fractals Are Fun: Adventures Into New Dimensions”, which he wrote both for the enjoyment of his fellow classmates and to hide his theory of Nodal Complexity in Emergent Systems.

As Rian Flynn’s body and mind matured into that of a young man, he found himself outpacing his peers in every intellectual and physical pursuit, including but not limited to ballroom dancing, calculus, shaving, composition, the flugelhorn, typography, paleontology, scientology, dendrochronology, gastroenterology, and Latin – this is in addition to photography, which the Merriam Webster dictionary defines as “the act of wielding the very essence of the sun.” Rian Flynn’s manifold interest eventually led him to a short lived pursuit of music where he acquired three or more record contracts. He also trained with the El Salvadorian Olympic fencing team and is ranked 14th in the world at Connect Four.

At the age of seventeen and after finishing a postdoctoral fellowship under Stephen Hawking, studying cosmology, quantum field theory in curved space time and quantum theories of gravitation, Rian Flynn became the Secretary of State for the Eisenhower administration where he is credited with brokering a peaceful resolution between the Hutus and Tutsis.

Rian Flynn’s time in the State Department came to a close with the discovery of dinosaurs in Africa. In 2006, he found himself in Giza, Egypt, working for Ancient Egyptian Research Associates as a GIS Specialist and Director of Photography, where he successfully studied the Lost City and provided an incredible amount of amazing assistance to the project of partially mapping the Giza Plateau. Rian Flynn also personally document the first and only HD archive known to man of the tomb of Queen Khentkawes.

It was his time in the tomb of the beautiful and trend setting Queen Khentkawes, who many historians call the founder of modern marketing, that lead Rian Flynn to turn the scope of his talents towards fashion and commercial photography. Since then, many celebrities, world leaders, and beautiful women have had the distinct pleasure of shooting with Rian Flynn. Although Rian Flynn is currently working as a photographer, savvy investors have begun to realize that eventually Rian Flynn must certainly move on to even greater challenges, such as space exploration, mixed martial arts, spelunking, or any number of amazing occupations, the nuances of which he’s already mastered. Only a select group of very fortunate individuals will ever be able to tell their children, their children’s children, and their children’s children’s children, that they are amongst those have had pictures taken by the one and only Rian Flynn.

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