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Ricardo Da Cunha

Ricardo Da Cunha



I'm on a journey in trying to find my voice in photography, and possibly more of myself along the way. My images aim to portray a world that I seek; one that is simple and devoid of the noise that increasingly dominates our complicated lives. I like to give my subjects space for them to breathe, just like I need to find space so that my soul can breathe. Photography gives me the silence that I increasingly desire and it's where I restore the balance. My images are often not true interpretations of what my camera sees but more importantly they are true interpretations of what I felt or what I thought I was seeing. To me this is more important as it helps enable the photographer to become a part of the photograph, and therefore reflects the photographer's unique personality and thus in turn helping to make images unique. I aim to produce images with a vision to inspire people to simplify their lives and appreciate the very few things that truly matter and bring us happiness. Therefore my images portray a more simplistic style. Long as I remember I've subconsciously tried to simplify everything in my life, largely due to the anxiety that I suffer from. Incorporating this approach into my photography has been a natural progression and response. It's this underlying vision that guides all the choices I make in my photography today. Ultimately I want to create honest, authentic and personally meaningful images that reflect who I am and please no one else but myself.
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