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A year in the Studio

Published December 26th, 2013

Well it has been a great year in the studio. It started very slowly with a very big learning curve in how to spend lots on advertising only to get no return. Thanks to a friend I tried a new approach in the likes of Facebook and it certainly paid off with bookings coming in fast for the Studio and for Weddings as well.

It is at times like this when just want to keep taking the bookings but a lesson learnt was the amount of extra time needed. A working program is being setup now as for every studio shoot doesn't end when the clients leave. Then it is time spent in front of the Mac editing images to a high standard.

This is the bread and butter as the higher the quality, the more work that comes in from 'Word of Mouth' and also using some images for further advertising.

To sum this last year up, I have completed approximately 140 Studio Shoots, 3 Weddings, and various events and Commissions.

95% of this has been at weekends only.

Here is to 2014 being better.

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2012 Rutting

Published October 14th, 2012

Every October the annual Rut begins with the Red Deer Stags competing for the Hinds with the sole purpose of breeding. The challenges can be very fierce and bloody, but generally the smaller Stag knows when to accept defeat. It is a very vocal time with bellowing and scenting between stags to mark their territory and dangerous for the unwary photographer who tries to get in too close. That is the reason I shoot with an 800mm prime and sometimes with a 1.4x convertor fitted.

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The Annual Rut

Published April 11th, 2012

During the Autumnal Season it is the time for the Annual Rut, where the Red Deer Stags, fully charged up with testosterone try to herd as many Hinds together as they can for their harem. The challenge then is for the Stag to keep them and patiently wait for each hind to come into season for mating. The problems faced are the Hinds try to regroup and wander and also other Stags challenge for dominence to win the Hinds away for their own benefit. Generally the older Stags with immense Antler sets win the day. All through the year the Stags build their body muscles up and increase their weight for the Rut challenges, as during the Rut they seldom eat and thus can afford to lose weight.

I will try to document the Annual Rut in this short story, covering the Calf from earlier in the year that try to stay clear and the Hinds gathering right down to the full on explosive action when two dominent Stags lock Antlers and compete.

I do hope you enjoy it all the same as I did in capturing this fa ...

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Feed Station

Published January 24th, 2012

In the past few days I have been back to a previous site that I had used with a feed station set up. With a little food, its back to full swing with the birds coming back in.

Time to get back out with the Stealth 360 portable hide and sit it out all day to see what comes in for the food.

I would be interested to hear from others who have their own feed stations.

Its always good to bounce different ideas and views.

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