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2012 Rutting

Published October 14th, 2012

Every October the annual Rut begins with the Red Deer Stags competing for the Hinds with the sole purpose of breeding. The challenges can be very fierce and bloody, but generally the smaller Stag knows when to accept defeat. It is a very vocal time with bellowing and scenting between stags to mark their territory and dangerous for the unwary photographer who tries to get in too close. That is the reason I shoot with an 800mm prime and sometimes with a 1.4x convertor fitted.

Fully Charged

Back lit

Full on Action

Head on clash

After the Battle

The victor retreats back

The Stag & Jackdaw

A Jackdaw doing what they do best, cleaning off mites and tics.

Let Battle Commence

Finally, the shot I have been waiting for. I can now officially say the Rut has started.

Glorious Mud

A Red Deer Stag getting down and dirty in a mud hole. Using it to scent and to cool down a little during the Rut.

Full Bellow

Making his presence known

Cold & Foggy

This was one from this morning as the fog tried to lift.
Its a shame as the fog is blocking the view of his breath

Watch the Birdy

Time for a rest


They urinate on themselves to scent up

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Carlos Asensio Pizarro  over 5 years ago

It is one of the most spectacular series that I´ve seen in this webpage. It is simply amazing!

Awesome Account
paul robin andrews  over 5 years ago

great shots,wonderful story.

Mark Medcalf  over 5 years ago

Fantastic Richard, thanks for the background and narrative to your wonderful images.