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A Cry For Help

Published May 6th, 2014

Great Grey Owl @ Sweden

Bartkauz @ Schweden

Laplanduil @ Zweden.

The story behind this photo:

A few tips and the thought of taking nice pictures of rare Owls, which are only present in the arctic, started this adventure.

But this winter (2012/2013) some of these Owls crossed the Arctic circle, so sixteen years old nephew Jeremy and I planned a trip from the Netherlands to the cold north in Sweden.

The area in which we had to search turned out to be a militairy ground so that search stopped.

But we got a new area in which we drove lots of hours searching with binoculars.

Late in the afternoon we desided one more try at a ‘perfect open forest habitat’ before we drove back 200 km to our temporary house. Then nephew Jeremy asked his Grandfather to let us know if we were at ‘the right place to see the very rare Great Grey Owl’.

You have to know his Grandfather, my dad, passed away 15 years ago way too young.

But during that last attempt we both saw the Owl flying straight towards us! ...

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