Rick Schiller

Rick Schiller _ Photography
Commissioned works in various photographic fields with a focus on business and families portrait, documentary, events and brand marketing. In the photographic works on the subject interior design and architecture, the lines and colors, the impression and the effect of the room are recorded and played back perfectly. Demanding documentation of events such as conferences, corporate events, weddings or anniversaries. Expressive images of living people. The portrait works capture the natural and soul, happiness, or the thoughtfulness of the moment. Rick Schiller combines the expertise of the professional photographer with a sensitive eye for perspective, light, moods and situations.

Rick Schiller _ Graphic Design
Development of corporate design for companies, logo design, advertising, websites and photography. Design and production of complete business stationery such as letterhead, business cards, company signs or advertising materials.

Rick Schiller _ Vita
Rick Schiller, Graduate Media Designer was born in 1973, schooling and vocational training in the GDR. After German reunification, studies in media design in Cologne graduating in media design (2001). Then, permanent positions as a media designer in marketing and advertising industry. Since 2004 Freelancer with orders from the fields of photography, advertising and corporate design. Since 2007, more foreign activities as a photographer and designer with a focus on media in Germany, Canada, South America and Poland.

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