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Rick Wezenaar

Rick Wezenaar



From his early years, Rick has been busy with photography. At the age of 11, his father gave him a camera. Soon he started creating interesting works, even at his then young age. In time he became more mature in his work, evolving in what Rick’s work stands for today. Rick has been a photographer for over 30 years. In recent years, Rick also has taken up DSLR Cinematography. Rick’s main inspiration for his photography was and still is people and nature. His preference of human beings with their unique individuality, blended in their natural ‘environment’, that is what Rick loves to freeze. Partly inspired by photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and others, Rick has created his own style of photography. In 1999 he won the Kodak Professional Portrait Award in the Netherlands. Also, a Hasselblad ouvre prize has been appointed to him. At the moment Rick is working on some interesting projects for several clients. Projects about portraits, travel, landscapes, architecture, culture, timelapse photography and DSLR cinematography. Also he is working on releasing a photo book. For more information about Rick’s work or for new assignments and bookings, please contact him at
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