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Rilind H

Rilind H

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Exploring the Nature and Traveling The earth were my main concerns and thoughts as a child, and I have always found a way to do that. So I decided to keep e diary of those expeditions of mine, but not just a regular one, it’s actually filled with photographs. I have been photographing the places I visit and the moments I enjoy for about 5 years and always thriving to get better in this obsession of mine called Photography. Experimenting with different types of techniques to find the best way to depict the things I see was the most difficult challenge and now that I’m getting close to what I actually wanted to do in the first place I see that I have a lot more work to do, even though learning new ways is an ongoing process which never ends. One of the best things I can share with you guys is that good light will always make the best photos, so never stop chasing that light and make sure that you capture it in the best possible way.
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