Ahmed Rishwan Amir

Photography in my dictionary is a form of art, a form of expression. Finding something interesting and pressing the shutter to create an amazing photograph is like getting a touchdown in football, a home run in baseball, or a hole in one in golf, etc.. With photography you are capturing a moment in time that will never take place again, creating memories for the people that come after us to see. A favorite quote of mine “The camera doesn't make a bit of a difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE.” (Ernst Haas)
I have been 8 years in this field,I began photographing my feminine aunt & handsome brother eight years ago and found that my hunger for photography began to grow. I found myself beginning to read and apply different techniques until I found the one that fit my artistic value. I believe my style of photography is unique and people love my creativity in photography. I studied photography in Maldives and join the best photography studio in Maldives. Got lots of experience from there.Then I studied photography from abroad and learn lots of new stuff about photography. When I came back to Maldives I got offer to cover lots of Government events.I was happy to cover an International event that was organized by High Rise & Pro-Models. The event named as ''Runway 2009''It was the first Maldivian Modeling event in a foreign country. I was one amongst the creative photographers in Maldives.I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attended a lot of workshops both in Maldives and internationally.
In year 2011, I attend to Fashion Photography workshop by Sandun De Silva in Colombo.The workshop was organized by British Council.It was a good experience where i got to work with International Designers, Stylist and Professional Models.
Saarc Summit, Official photography was given to Portrait Gallery & I was one of the official photographer in the Saarc Summit 2011.
Also in the same year 1st December, I got my new Nikon D3X with Nikon LENS (AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f2.8G ED - Nano Crystal Coat) , Apple MacBook Pro Laptop , DryCabinet , Cokin Filters , and Apple Server
Photography for me is storytelling in its purest form. From the beginning of a relationship, to the ceremony of vows, to the birth of a child, and ultimately capturing a family candidly I feel that I could give a family the best gift of all and that is memories and moments captured. The images on this Facebook Page are NOT my best images.All my clients can login to my website and see there images(note:-user name and password will be provided on request and Passwords are stored as MD5 hashes) I consider myself a perfectionist so when I capture the glamorous images of urs,the fashion statements u make,and most of all,on your big day the wedding of urs,your children or your family,
I want to give my best and all to you the client. Please take your time and explore my pieces of art. Feel free to contact me on my Contact page.I'm currently Working at MySons & Company as a Director.
Ahmed Rishwan Amir

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