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Robert Mirabelle

Robert Mirabelle



By day, I'm a software architect. By night, I'm a composer, performer and producer of music in many styles and suddenly it seems... a photographer. I started taking pics seriously in June of 2012, but am fortunate enough to leverage many years of experience with Photoshop. My PS workflow has recently been redesigned from the ground up and I'm excited about the new possibilities. I'm also excited about 500px - a wonderful platform for sharing, community and inspiration. With any luck, a gradual arc of improvement will show in my work as time progresses. If time permits, I'd like to share my PS workflow in story format to reveal how certain looks are achieved. In the mean time, I'd occasionally like to use the comments system as a way of sharing with you whatever ideas might pop into my head when I look at your work. I'm endlessly amazed and inspired by the work presented here. Stay tuned and thanks for being here.
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