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Why I prefer Film to Digital...

Published January 23rd, 2013

Being born in to the digital world that has been sprung upon us by such technological advances, will no doubtably have been a god send to some photography folk in this day 'n age.

Which to some of the elder photography enthusiasts, who have been brought up through the film age, witnessing and being involved in the major step up and transition from film to digital, may find it quite strange when they see a young 18 year old lad, like me, wandering round with a chunky, solidly built tank like a Zenit or Praktica dangling from their neck.

This blog post is to basically explain to you all why I much prefer film photography to that

Don't get me wrong, I do own a digital SLR. Which i use a great deal, for my sports and studio work, etc. The quality of images that are produced from digital camera's in recent years, in particular your top end professional SLR's, such as the Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx, are there for you all to see. You could never imagine and will (i'll even go as fa ...

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