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King & Queen.

Published August 2nd, 2013

Robert & Helen.

My parents.

I'm a fairly private person when it comes to sharing personal details about myself or my family members, but I couldn't help but share these photos of my parents. I shot them the day of their 29th wedding anniversary back in April.

My parents have been together for 30 years, married for 29. That statement alone is monumental in itself, but it's nothing I'm not used to. I grew up around family members who've all been married for around that length of time. Aunt's, Uncle's, cousins...we were all close knit back in the day. We spent all holidays together. Traveled back & forth between Fresno & Bakersfield so much as a child I almost refuse to do so now.

Things are different now in a sense, a lot of my cousins have families of their own so we don't speak or hang out as often, so we cherish the family reunions when they come around every other year. With me being a photographer I look forward to them way more than most i suppose.

My parents though, I don't k ...

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Published April 29th, 2013

After being a lifelong fan of E-40 I finally received the chance to meet, interview & photograph him.

View the full album here:

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Memorial Wall.

Published January 9th, 2013

Traveled to New York almost 1 year ago, while on my trip I was able to capture photos of various monuments...

This one happened to stand out the most.

It's the memorial wall right outside of where the original twin towers once stood.

September 11th was a huge tragedy as far as American History goes, I'm glad I got the chance to visit this place, I believe everyone should.

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Lady Liberty.

Published December 4th, 2012

Took my first trip to the East Coast of the country back in April 2012, traveled through New Jersey & caught a ferry to New York. On our way there we stopped at Ellis Island & The Statue Of Liberty... Here are a few photos i captured.

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A Soldiers Return.

Published December 4th, 2012

My brother Marcus returned home after completing his first 4 years in the United States Army, He's now an E-5 Sergeant. I shot these photos when I picked him up from the airport.

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