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Robby Melling

Stories are an ubiquitous part of human communication, and to me photography is my way of translating that emotion to through a meaningful and psychological process. From an early age I have been infatuated with movies and the idea of narration. I found myself becoming part of what I was watching; imagining what it was like to be in the visual worlds witch they created. My imagination ran wild with ideas, and I needed an outlet for that creativity. From that, I found my outlet through photography. Growing up my father was a photographer and instructor, and my mother an artist so it came second nature to express myself in an artist fashion.
The most intriguing part of photography to me is having the ability to capture with either digital or traditional techniques, a moment that an tell a story, yet leave its ending and interpretation open to the viewer. What initially turned me on to photography was the visual mastery captured by Tim Burton in his movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each scene in that movie could stand on its own as a photograph. I am drawn to photography because of the nature to convey my own emotions put into narratives through images; to create a world different then the one we live in. I want to create an escape with my work.
I find myself making my work violent but serene. I like to see the good stand along the bad. Often siding with the antagonist and showing the full spectrum of emotion is important to me, and it drives me to create intense narratives in my work. To show this I find it imperative to show the grotesque along with the sublime. I use a loose structure that is laid out before me, but I don't have a rigid direction for my photographs until I find it in the moment. The act of taking the photograph helps me find exactly what it is that I am looking for.
Inspiration comes in many forms for me. With music, one lyric can spark an idea that will spiral wildly out of control. My main influences with most of my work comes from non photographers like Tim Burton, Mark Ryden, Dr Seuss, The Brothers Grimm, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shell Silverstein. These artist have made a huge impact on me and my work; growing up with the stories they tell and work they've created has given me the creativity to create my art today.

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