Paris à l'aquarelle

Published June 11th, 2012

Paris is such a beautiful place, so many things to see. I went to Paris with a nice camera and some great lenses. I never planned on what would happen...

Paris is also the birthplace of the avant-garde. I went for the smallest aperture and set the shutter speed extremely slow. My intention was to recreate the look a watercolor painting. Once I started shooting, I got hooked and couldn't stop...

I hope that you can stretch your imagination to the birthplace of the avant-garde, and the home of painters such as Monet and Renoir. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this work I call, Paris à l'aquarelle (Paris in watercolor)

Pictures can be viewed and voted on in my "sets"

(Les photos peuvent être visualisées et voté dans mes "jeux")



Robert Louis

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